That song that keeps going through your head

Today’s music is Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto in D major, and a deft and forceful interpretation of it by Julia Fischer. To everyone interested enough to read this far: it just may be that melody you’ve had going through your head off and on for years, and you couldn’t remember what it was, nor could you forget it. The problem is, the 30 second preview clips they provide on both emusic and iTunes aren’t often long enough to develop the music so it cuts off before you have much of an idea what it is – for jazz and rock as well as classical music. I guess it’s their music and they can guard it however they like, but they’d probably sell a lot more if they "showed their wares." Something like a 3 minute low bit rate preview would be ample to entice most eventual buyers, and everybody interested in the music would want listenable quality and the complete track. They’d make many times more in additional sales than they might lose from piracy.

But back to Tchaikovsky… a warning: if you download this concerto but it happens not to be that melody running through your head – it will soon be. But at least you’ll have a name for it. So give it a shot. Fischer is a delight.



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