Green as in money

The Register has a cynical article on the newly formed SNIA Green Storage Initiative as “yet another eco-cause group.”

“As par, the initiative includes vendors hoping to woo customers who a) want to cut energy costs and b) feel they owe nature a favor despite it providing terrors such as roving packs of wild dogs and brain eating parasites.”

So the Reg thinks that green initiatives are meant to lure dumb customers into paying more for dubious benefits to Mother Earth. Well, I think that former Labor Secretary Robert Reich gave a much better characterization of company eco initiatives on NPR today. Sure companies are doing it to make money. As Reich commented on companies who proudly proclaim their energy saving programs that save millions of dollars, finding money saving efficiencies used to be called simply good management. Reich said you should not be surprised or impressed by eco claims, but should look at how it benefits you.

Sun has always been open about our eco initiatives being as much about green money as about green ecology. And as Reich noted, that’s what makes it work, not vague notions of corporate responsibility. I like to think of Sun as a reponsible company, and I’m glad that our green initiatives make money for shareholders and save money for smart customers.


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