Merry Christmas!

When did that holiday wish turn into a political statement? I don’t know whether to blame the left for political correctness and excessive caution not to offend anyone; or to blame the right for excessive sensitivity being so offended by non-offensiveness. I think I’ll blame them both, since now if you wish someone Merry Christmas you’re suspected of leading a new crusade to forcibly convert your neighbor from Judaism. And if you instead wish them Happy Holidays you’re suspected of renouncing your faith.

Well how about this? When I wish you Merry Christmas it simply means that I hope that you and your family are happy this holiday, on and around Christmas day. I am not imploring you to accept Jesus Christ as your personal savior, nor am I imploring you not to. And if I should wish you a Happy Diwali next September it will simply mean that I hope you have a happy holiday, perhaps even enjoy seeing the festival of lights. Not that I wish for you to revere the goddess Lakshmi or Lord Vishnu.

So I also hope you have a nice Alban Arthuan, Las Posadas, Kwanzaa, Twelfth Night, and a Happy New Year!


One Response to Merry Christmas!

  1. Karen Bays says:

    I wish everyone had your attitude. I work in a public building where I typically receive negative comments about how we choose to decorate or not decorate this time of year. We offend someone no matter what we do. I understand why some businesses and organizations give up and do nothing–but that also draws complaints. This year, we have a Christmas tree even though I have had previous complaints about it being a pagan symbol. We also have a menorah, although Hanukkah is past, many Kwanzaa books, and we have a collector’s display of various holiday greeting cards from secular and religious themes. For the first year ever in my 15 years, I have received NO complaints. I attribute this to a very nice collection within the greeting card display of Madonna with Child cards. Some of the loudest, most vitriolic complaints in previous years came from people who were angry that we didn’t have a nativity scene, so maybe this placated them. (They also get angry when we have a Diwali or Ramadan display.)

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