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Today’s music pick is an eclectic collection of classical tracks, FREE from the BIS label to celebrate their 35th anniversary.

Johann Sebastian Bach | Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart | Ludwig Van Beethoven | Edvard Grieg | Antonio Vivaldi | Alexander Scriabin | Silvius Leopold Weiss | Francesco Canova da Milano | Francisco de la Torre | Georg Christoph Wagenseil | Benjamin Godard | Michael Praetorius | Christian Lindberg | Jacob van Eyck | Oystein Baadsvik | George Frideric Handel

Download all 27 tracks – 2 hours of music. C’mon, you took the Vivaldi Four Seasons, so go ahead and take the tuba solo too. I suppose the point of giving it away is that we’ll listen to it and discover some artists and composers we like, and buy some more. The Four Seasons interpretation by the Drottningholm Baroque Ensemble strikes me wrong, and I realize it’s because it’s different from the recording I always listen to. But it’s that expectation that’s wrong. Music isn’t meant to be identical at every listening. Live music is best. But when an iPod is all we have, then at least we might mix up a few different recordings of the same piece. We might make some new favorites.

eMusic usually has an assortment of free downloads in different genres. Here’s one that’s not free but might as well be: house music trance performer Peter Rauhofer live at the Roxy. Each track is over 70 minutes and counts as one download. Less than half a cent per minute. I won’t be able to say whether I like it or not until I spend, say, 35 minutes listening. But I’ve complained about 30 second preview clips being too short to judge music, so at half a cent per minute I’ll give Rauhofer a try.



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