Stowaway Sierra Bluetooth keyboard with Nokia N800

The keyboard manual omits some critical information on how to pair the keyboard with your palmtop computer tablet. Alan Williamson’s blog fills in the gaps. Once paired you don’t have to do it again unless you wipe your tablet clean, as to install a major OS update. Open Bluetooth from the control panel or from the connection tool, click devices, choose the keyboard, edit, and check connect. Then press your stylus into the tiny pinhole button on the top edge of the keyboard.

When you don’t use the keyboard for a while and it goes into power saving sleep mode, you don’t even have to reconnect. Just type a few keys and it wakes up with connection intact, and after a few seconds echoes the keys you typed onto the screen.



2 Responses to Stowaway Sierra Bluetooth keyboard with Nokia N800

  1. Paul Marsh says:

    My Stowaway Sierra Bluetooth keyboard worked great with OS 2007 but I have not been able to get it to pair with OS 2008. It is driving me crazy not to have the keyboard working. The message I get is "Pairing failed, try again?" This message appears before I can type anything and never gives me time to type in the passcode. Any help is greatly appreciated.

  2. Walter Bays says:

    I was thrilled with my upgrade to OS 2007 which added features like FM radio, stability, and speed. So I was about to *up*grade to OS 2008, but since the Nokia documentation said very little about what was included, first I read a lot of blog postings about it. All the compatibility problems made me treat this like a major Windows version. I.e., I’m sticking with the old version until other people work out some of the bugs, then I’ll switch to OS 2008_A or whatever they call it.

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