SPEC award recipient, Mail Server

Another SPECtacular award given at SPEC’s 2008 annual meeting in San Francisco, this to Stephen Pratt of Communigate Systems, a member of SPEC’s mail server committee. Our current benchmark SPECmail2001 tests performance using SMTP and POP3 protocols. The next major version will test the IMAP protocol, a much needed addition to measure enterprise email. Email server performance is important. If you think you get a lot of email in your inbox, then look in your spam folder. 95% of all email is now spam, meaning that mail servers must have 20 times the capacity they would need to carry only legitimate email.

Stephen has done a great job on the benchmark code, managing to carry on with the work across a job change. In addition, he even found time to help the virtualization committee integrate the IMAP benchmark into their benchmark.


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