12th century poet passes judgment

“Look at our times. A handful of imposter clerics, having learned a couple of Suras for deceit, having no notion of reason and science, unaware of what man is about, desperate like asses in search of fodder. All they care about is eating and fornicating. They fear not God, have no shame of men. They have cast aside notions of honor. They seek nothing but loot and plunder. Alien they are to the rules of Faith. Oh unique Prophet of God, for your sake your uma for the sake of Allah, rise from your garden tomb in Medina. Behold who is ruling your followers. Oh Muslims, the time has come to send the Koran back to heaven for although its name is still with us its content has come to naught.”

حکیم ابوالمجد مجدود ‌بن آدم سنایی غزنوی

– Hakim Abul-Majd Majdūd ibn Ādam Sanā’ī Ghaznavi, 1080-1131

As related in The Persian Night by Amir Taheri




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