Profiles in Hypocrisy

October 29, 2009

Joe_Lieberman_official_portraitSen. Joseph Lieberman always used to deplore the filibuster. Win or lose he wanted an honest vote, majority wins. But now he will support a filibuster to prevent a majority vote from occurring. What is so important as to cause the senator to reverse his principled stand against parliamentary chicanery? This long time crusader for states rights and individual freedom is determined to block a bill which would grant states rights to offer their citizens the free choice of government run health insurance like that which Sen. Lieberman himself has enjoyed as a senator for the past twenty years.

Could it be that ole Joe is owned by the insurance industry? He wouldn’t be the only one, and Democrats feature as prominently in the campaign finance disclosures as do Republicans. In the end each congressman will show with his vote whether his loyalty is to the citizens of his district or to the lobbyists who keep him in power, influence, and money.