Falcons Fall Short at Mount Carmel

The good news for the Falcons as they lost a hard fought game at Mt. Carmel 17-14 is that Sundevil Lucas Johnson will be playing for SDSU next year. The dual-threat quarterback bedeviled the Falcon defense and led a come from behind drive to cap the game. Beau Morgans may have set a personal record for number of tackles, but it’s not good news for the defense when a defensive back makes so many stops on running plays. Mt. Carmel scored first with a field goal after a 54 yard drive that stalled on a 3rd down tackle by Matthew Feeler.

Ben Spitters went out with an injury and Johnny Hastings took over as Falcon quarterback, driving 54 yards to the Sundevil 9 on a 31 yard pass to Lukas Braun and running of Luke Duerr. But then the Sundevils recovered a fumble and drove the ball back, Johnson running and passing, and running back Rashid Shaheed picking up yardage. Johnson passed to convert a 4th down, and then completed a 34 yard touchdown pass to go up 10-0 as the half ended.

Sully O’Brien opened the 2nd half returning the kickoff from the 5 to the 30, then Feeler broke free and carried 65 yards to the Sundevil 5, and Feeler ran for the touchdown. 10-7. On their next possession Hastings hit Braun for 49 yards to go ahead 14-10. Then Johnson went to work again driving 75 yards, scrambling for first downs when all receivers were covered, and converting twice on 4th down. A 15 yard touchdown pass put Mt. Carmel ahead to stay.

Torrey Pines had another chance for a comeback early in the 4th quarter, driving from their 9 all the way to the Sundevil 15. But on 3rd down a pass fell incomplete in the end zone, and then a field goal attempt was no good. This week Torrey Pines closes out their season hosting La Costa Canyon in one of their greatest rivalries.


Matthew Feeler celebrates touchdown run as Lukas Braun looks on. Photo by Colleen Morgans


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