Torrey Pines Returns Surfboard to LCC

The golden surfboard trophy went back to La Costa Canyon as the Mavericks defeated the Falcons 13-3 in a game where both teams had as much trouble hanging onto the football as a surfer hanging onto a surfboard with no tether. In the first half the Falcons outpaced the Mavericks with 231 yards of offense to 200 yards, but suffered two turnovers. The game opened with Johhny Hastings under center, who would share quarterback duties with Ben Spitters all game, and the Falcons drove from their 13 to the Maverick 12 on the running of Luke Duerr and Jacob Montes where a fumble gave LCC the ball. The defense held, the Mavericks got a good punt bounce, and Torrey Pines was right back at their 12.

For the first time the Falcons showed a different look than their normal Wing T, lining up in the shotgun. Montes took a direct snap, shot through the hole and picked up 30 yards. But the Falcons second drive also ended in a turnover with an interception on the LCC 39. Maverick quarterback Tanner Clark completed 2 of 2 passes and scored on a keeper to put LCC ahead 7-0. LCC drove to the Falcon 8 before a tackle in the backfield by Jared Rosen forced them to settle for a field goal, 10-0.

Torrey Pines came right back moving from their 20 to the Maverick 44 where it was 4th and 4. Luc D’Arcy took the snap but instead of punting he threw to Thomas Stearn for a first down at the 30. Matthew Feeler picked up 12 more but the drive stalled on the 8, fourth and less than 1, and the LCC defense held to take over on downs. The Maverick’s next play was a long pass carried into the end zone, but fumbled out of the end zone so the Falcons took over again at their 20. The teams traded punts, with LCC on the short end of the trade, and Torrey Pines started at midfield in the final minute of the half. Spitters passed to #14 and to Tristen Alesi to the 7, and as time ran out the Falcons finally got on the board with a field goal. LCC 10-3.

The Mavericks opened the second half driving from their 8 to the Falcon 1 where Beau Morgans recovered a fumble for the Falcons. From there it was a defensive struggle until LCC drove to the Falcon 29 and made a 46 yard field goal to go up 13-3. In the fourth quarter the Falcons alternated quarterbacks, with Feeler and Duerr running big gains, but stalled at the Maverick 38. D’Arcy angled his punt to go out of bounds on the 4. But LCC ground out first downs as the clock ticked away to victory.

Torrey Pines ends the season with a 3-7 record including many tough non-conference opponents, but has a 2-2 record in the Palomar league and so is seeded in the playoffs Nov. 13 at Torrey Pines.


Jacob Montes bursts through for 30 yards. Photo by Anna Scipione


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