Falcons Shut Out Fallbrook

Torrey Pines defeated Fallbrook 20-0 in a defensive show featuring sacks, blocked punts, and five interceptions. The first half was scoreless as neither team could move the ball. Rather, the Falcons couldn’t move the ball and avoid penalties, as they had several breakaway plays called back. Torrey Pines’ first opportunity came with 5:35 in the half when Jacob Schneider tipped a pass and Nick Clapp intercepted to set up the Falcons at midfield, but they went three and out. Then a Warrior punt was partially blocked and the Falcons had 14 seconds remaining at the Fallbrook 38. A pass was just out of Scotty Gange’s fingertips in the end zone and the half ended.

Falcon defenders including Ty Helfrich, Louis Bickett, Gabe Gmyr, Jack Nelson, Carson Ward, and Michael Perrone kept close coverage on receivers and pressured the QB all night. Fallbrook tried the shotgun but had ball handling problems. A high snap resulted in a sack, then overcompensating, the next snap was low and fumbled. After another high snap was fumbled the Fallbrook QB stayed under center for the second half.


Andre Mieiers made 3 of 5 Falcon interceptions. Photo by Anna Sciplione




As the second half opened Falcon senior DB Andre Mieiers picked the first of three interceptions. The Falcons stopped themselves with penalties again, but then Falcon defenders hit the QB as he released the ball which was intercepted by Mieiers and run back to the Fallbrook 18. Luke Duerr ran for the score and Nino Alworth added the extra point, 7-0. After a partially blocked punt the Falcons started from the Fallbrook 29 and Gmyr ran for the score, 13-0. Mieier snatched his third pick to start Torrey Pines at the Fallbrook 26, Gmyr picked up a first down and Sully O’Brien ran for the score, 20-0.

In the fourth quarter Fallbrook was given an opportunity as Torrey Pines lost a fumble on their 34. But Carsen Gentes dashed their hopes with an interception in the end zone sealing the shutout win. Torrey Pines plays Friday at home against El Camino.


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