Falcons Tame Grizzlies

I was out of town for this game, so for the story I bring you the always excellent tweets from @Torrey PinesFB_2016, lightly edited. I’ll credit him by name, with permission.

The Torrey Pines Falcons won on the road against the Mission Hills Grizzlies, 33-14. Let’s go to the action on the field.

The Falcons kickoff to start the game. Touchback. Grizzlies ball on the 20. Defense starts strong. 3 and out. Grizzlies punt fair caught at our 40.

Opening carry by Heine gains 12. Duerr adds 9 more on the next play. Falcons facing 4th and 2 from the 26. Fumble. Grizzlies return to the Falcon 40. Unsportsmanlike conduct brings it back 15. Grizzlies drive into the red zone. 1st and 10 from the 20. 1st and goal for Grizzlies from the 8. Mission Hills TD. PAT good. 7-0, 2:33 left in 1st.

Hastings pass to Gadinis good for a 1st down and moves the ball to midfield. End of 1st: Torrey Pines 0, Mission Hills 7.

Duerr powers for 16 yards to push the Falcons into the red zone. 1st and goal at the 9. Duerr crosses the line for a TOUCHDOWN FALCONS. Alworth PAT good. Tied at 7, 8:55

Mission Hills breaks off a 70-yard run to the 1 yard line. QB keeper, TD Grizzlies. PAT good. 14-7, 7:48

Facing 4th and inches, the Falcons convert for a 1st and 10 from the Grizzlies 37. On the sneaky reverse, Gmyr carries 30-yards for a TOUCHDOWN FALCONS. Alworth PAT good. 14-14. 2:48 left in half.

With 1:13 left in half, Falcon D forces a Grizzlies punt. Fair catch. 1st and 10 at our 30. Halftime: Mission Hills and Torrey Pines tied at 14

We are back on the field for the 2nd half. Falcons back to receive. No return. 1st and 10, at the 20. The reverse works again. This time Beau Morgans picks up 16 to put the ball on the Falcon 35. Montes carries the ball into Grizzlies territory. 1st down on the 38. Torrey is in the red zone on a Heine carry. 1st down on the 16. Sully carries the ball to the 4. 1st and goal. 3rd and goal from the 1, and Duerr converts for a TOUCHDOWN FALCONS. PAT good. 21-14, Torrey Pines. 3:28

Falcon defender Schneider goes off and forces a punt. Punter attacked by Scotty Gange for a SAFETY FALCONS!! Add 2 for us. 23-14, 1:35 End of 3rd: Torrey Pines 23, Mission Hills 14

Sully sweeps right and flies down the sideline to open the 4th and carries the ball to the Grizzlies 28. Alworth splits the uprights for a 38-yard FIELDGOAL FALCONS. 26-14, Torrey Pines. 9:41

On 4th and a foot for the Grizzlies the Falcon D pounds the line and holds!! 1st and 10 from the MH 42. From the 22, Gmyr runs around the left side to pick up a first and puts us in the red zone. 4:55 Falcons recover our own fumble and lose 3-yards. Ball on 16. Duerr carries to the 6, 4th and 1. Falcons call time out to consider going for it. 2:33.

We are lined up to go for it!!! FIRST DOWN!!! (Barely!!!) 1st and goal, on the 5. 2:27 The Falcons score again as Sully weaves his way into the endzone for a TOUCHDOWN FALCONS. Alworth PAT good. 33-14, Torrey Pines. 2:20

Louis Bickett owns the air defense tonight. Great pass coverage all night. 2. :21 left. Grizzlies ball on our 28. Schneider and Helfrich sack the Grizzlies QB. Ball now on the 42. Final score: Torrey Pines 33, Mission Hills 14


Louis Bickett leads Falcon pass coverage. Photo Anna Scipione


Scotty Gange added a safety. Photo Anna Scipione


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